G4 Owners Club Committee

Meet the current team behind the G4 Owners Club.

Note: For more information about what each role performs, click on the terms of reference (TOR) button:


David Morris

TOR for Chairman

Vice Chairman

Simon Phipps

TOR for Vice Chairman


Andi McGuire

TOR for Secretary

Membership Officer

Anthony Pritchard

TOR for Membership Officer


Richard Stock

TOR for Treasurer

Events Officer

Jon Roberts

TOR for Events Officer

Technical Officer


TOR for Technical Officer

Marketing Officer


TOR for Marketing Officer

Media Officer

Anthony Pritchard

TOR for Media Officer

Travel Officer

Mark Roberts

TOR for Travel Officer

Merchandising Officer

Jon Roberts

TOR for Merchandising Officer

Land Rover Liaison

Alan Edwards

TOR for Land Rover Liaison

Family Officer

Eamonn Halligan

TOR for Family Officer

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